Friday Playlist: DJ Liam Revenge

We’ve convinced resident SSA DJs Liam Revenge and Rockin’ Rael F to make us a Friday playlist each, so we can kick into the weekend Shake Some Action style!

Here’s Liam’s.

Eddie Holland – Leaving Here
A Northern soul floor-filler with a chorus the size of an 18-wheeler. Always gets the night shakin’…


Jaques DuTronc – Mini Mini Mini
Gallic Garage Punk genius from 1966; A stompin’ Stones-style riff with a swarthy Frenchman crooning over the top. What more could you want?


Kitty, Daisy and Lewis – Goin’ Up The Country
The north London teenage trio’s swingin’ take on a Rhythm’n’Blues/Rockabilly classic. It is a physical impossibility NOT to dance and clap your hands like a demented evangelist once this number starts spinning.


Shirley Ellis – The Clapping Song
Who could resist the young Ms Ellis’ slant on this playground chant? Adolescent girly vocals, a classic singalong chorus, and a beat so jaunty it would even have Riaan Cruywagen nodding his head and tapping his feet.


Jimmy Cliff – Ruby Soho
Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff goes into the studio of Punk Rock warhorse, Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, for 2 weeks. The result? Probably THE greatest reggae record of the last 40 years. This Ska take on Rancid’s ‘Ruby Soho’ is nothing short of genius.


Catch Liam live at Shake Some Action, as the mayhem continues tomorrow night at The Kimberley Hotel.


One thought on “Friday Playlist: DJ Liam Revenge

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