A proper spoilery look at The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man

I was walking down the toy aisle of my local Makro over the weekend and my eyes were immediately drawn to the Marvel shelf where they’re already stocking toys promoting the new Spider-Man movie.

We haven’t really had a good look at the movie’s villain – The Lizard – with the exception of concept art and a few short clips from trailers in circulation on the Web.

I managed to snap a few pics of the Lizard toy before the security guard started giving me funny looks.

So here you go: a proper (spoilery) look at The Lizard.

(My apologies for the quality of the pics…they were taken in a hurry with my phone).





Wash is our resident uber-geek. He sleeps on a pile of comics, speaks fluent Klingon and spends his weekends unleashing all manner of Hell on the battlefields of his PC. If it’s related to gaming, comics, sci-fi or any other form of geekitude… chances are Wash has his sticky paws all over it.




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