Breaking: New Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute

Brooklyn indie outfit Grizzly Bear will soon be releasing their fourth, so far untitled, album.

Here’s the first single, which dropped a few hours ago. What do you think? Listen after the jump.

In March, Daniel Rossen released an EP of tracks that didn’t make the album cut, under the title Silent Hour/Golden Mile.

Sleeping Ute, however, is the first official single.


The track might be named after this Colorado mountain:

First impressions:

  • It’s starts off a little bit like their take on Phil Spector’s He Hit Me (which is wonderful). The novelty of “OMG the new Grizzly Bear” does wear off quite soon, though.
  • It’s a little bit folky and Jeff Buckley electric jangly, and a lot like the rest of the tightly-played abstractions the band have built their name on. So not much of an aural departure, but a mark well hit is nothing to be sniffed at.
  • Midway through, it’s an awful lot like Ready, Able, which I’m not about to complain about since that’s my favourite of Grizzly Bear’s.
  • The Mars Volta-esque ramblings bring us home, but without leaving much of an impression. It’s atmospheric, but they’ve done atmospheric a lot better than this before.

If Sleeping Ute was a date, it would be someone articulate but who didn’t bother making any conversation, who had an interesting job but was boring to be around, and even though they were clever, they didn’t tell you anything you didn’t already know.

I’ll gladly hold out for the new album, because this is a band that makes the waiting worth your while, but so far I’m underwhelmed.

Ok, you know what? Let’s just listen to Ready, Able again.



Huntress Thompson

In the vacuum between dark and light, Siouxsie Sioux and Emmylou Harris, Amelie and Travis Bickle, Huntress Thompson is an idiot lost, and reporting from the field. If you’re after irrational, impassioned rants about cupcakes and Johnny Cash (and you probably aren’t), she’s grumpy, but she’s your girl.


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