The Songwriter Playlists: Matthew Mayfield

A few days ago, Alabama rock troubadour Matthew Mayfield answered some of The Vandals’ questions for The Songwriter Series.

As a bonus, he’s made us a little playlist too.

Since he’s really, really good with songs about heartache, we figured it would be interesting to hear Matthew’s pick of the all-time, Top 5 Songs About Broken Hearts – of any artist, in any era.

1. ‘Heart of the Matter’ – Don Henley

“All 80s production aside, this song is heart-wrenching, top to bottom.  ‘I think it’s about forgiveness… even if you don’t love me anymore’.”


2.  ‘It Ain’t Me, Babe’ – Bob Dylan  

“This is one of those songs that I feel like I could have written.  Not nearly as eloquently as Mr. Dylan, but the story is one that’s all too familiar to me.”


3. ‘I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You’ – Colin Hay   

“That song is one of the only ones that’s brought tears to my eyes in recent years.  It will rip your heart out.”


4.  ‘I Grieve’ – Peter Gabriel  

“If you’ve ever lost someone close to you — or had them removed from your life, you know that grief is by far the heaviest, most unpredictable emotion we deal with as human beings.  PG’s performance on this track is so raw and powerful.  Nothing feels contrived — it just spills out of him.”


5. ‘Nobody’s Crying’ – Patty Griffin  

“Songs are like smells — they trigger your associative memory unlike anything else.  This song goes hand in hand with a particular season my life 6 years ago.  Her voice is so pure – those melodies cut me into pieces. 

In the bridge, she speaks what are most likely the kindest words I’ve ever heard–ones I hope I will hear someday:  ‘May you dream you are dreaming in a warm, soft bed  / and may the voices inside you that fill you with dread / make the sounds of thousands of angels instead…'”

–    MM.


Matthew Mayfield’s A Banquet for Ghosts is now available on iTunes. Follow him on Twitter, and check his Facebook page and official site for regular updates.

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