The Songwriter Playlists: Joshua Grierson

Following on from a grand performance last night at the Oppikoppi Sweet Thing Festival, Joshua Grierson, one of South Africa’s most remarkable live artists, has made us a playlist of his favourite live performers.

Please tell us your pick of your Top 5 favourite live performers ever (any artist, any era), and why you’ve picked them.

“Bono: Flawless. Passionate. Earnest.”

“Tom Waits: Never ceasing to surprise. Somewhat of a sordid character. Never afraid to be vulnerable. Fall-off-your-chair hilarious. Stylish and appropriate dresser.”

“Sting: Effortless. Bass madman. Impeccable singer.”

‘Nina Simone: Dangerous. Daring. Always seeking out a new way to present a song. A non-conformist.”

“Sannie Fox: Her voice fucks my soul yet kisses away the tears. Bold. A raging storm or the eye of one.”

Read our full interview with Joshua Grierson.

Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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