The Songwriter Series: Madi Diaz

The Songwriter Series is delighted to have the lovely Madi Diaz with us this week, a 25 year-old Nashville songstress who’s generated all manner of buzz and beautiful songs in recent years.

At what point did you know that you wanted to be a songwriter professionally? Was there something that made you realise it was the best thing for you?

“I realized that I wanted to be a performer and songwriter more than anything else. It was the only thing that equally gave me so, so much joy, and terrified me and challenged me all at one time. I had been playing for a little while, but i guess there was one night in particular… some show down in Nashville, after I had pushed myself down there… that just made me smile and think, “Good god, I could never do anything else.”


What do you hope people take from a Madi Diaz record?

“That’s tough, because it’s hard to say what anyone expects to get from a record on any given day. For Plastic Moon, I hope that people find some truth in it. Some sort of searching that they can relate to that makes it feel less lonely to be searching.

Our NEXT record is a little bit more of feeling bigger than we’re used to feeling, and how awesome that is.”


Is there a song on your setlist that you look forward to playing a little bit more than the others?
I always look forward to opening the shows alone with Love You Now. It’s dark but stretching, and kind of opens the door for me every night. I never know what’s on the other side of the door, but I open it anyway.”


Can you think of a gig, or a moment during a performance, when you realised you were doing something bigger than you had been before?

“Very recently, yes! While I was out on the road with Harper Blynn, the guys backed me up on one of my songs, and told me that I should put my guitar down and have some fun… which I had never really thought of before. New stuff. Working my brain in a different way, which feels bigger and more exciting!”


Is there a song that you wish you’d written?

“Oh man. The list goes on and on. I seriously couldn’t even name just one or five, because I’d just stress out on the millions that I didn’t think of this moment.


Please describe what it is that you experience when you’re on stage.

“It’s different every time! Every crowd is completely different, the energy is never the same. But I think that’s what it’s all about. All of us together trying to be a part of an experience, feeling out what it is that we can give and take from one another. Yeah, my parents are hippies. It’s ok.


Madi Diaz’s latest full-length album, Plastic Moon, is available on iTunes. It’s been making all sorts of noise on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart and  Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart.

Follow her on Facebook for updates, and visit her official site.

Madi collaborated with Keegan Dewitt for a breathtaking cover of Stevie Nicks’ Wild Heart. Check back this Friday when Madi reveals her favourite cover songs ever, for The Songwriter Playlists.


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