The Songwriter Playlists: Madi Diaz

Following on from her interview with us on Monday, Madi Diaz was kind enough to make us a little playlist this Friday.

Your cover of Stevie Nicks’ Wild Heart (with Keegan Dewitt) has been so widely acclaimed. Please tell us your pick of the Top 5 best covers of all time (any artist, any era), and why you’ve picked them.

“Widely acclaimed! Thanks for making me sound so cool 😉 !”


1. James Blake – The Limit to Your Love (orig. by Feist)

“I love James Blake’s cover of The Limit To Your Love. He really made it his. Their voices are so so similar in a lovely way, but not in an obvious way that makes it silly to cover.”


2. Bon Iver – I Can’t Make You Love Me (Orig. by Bonnie Raitt)

“Bon Ivers’ cover of I Can’t Make You Love Me is so so stunning. All stripped down, knowing that all he needs is his voice and a piano.”


3. Harper Blynn – Halo (Orig. by Beyoncé)

“Harper Blynn’s cover of Halo makes me smile like nothing else EVERY time. They are such brilliant arrangers, and took this song to such a fun place.”


4. Cary Brothers – Never Tear Us Apart (Orig. by INXS)

“Cary Brothers does an awesome cover of Never Tear Us Apart by INXS, and puts all this rocking twang in it. Super ballsy and fun.”

Cary Brothers will be featured on The Songwriter Series next week – watch this space!


Madi Diaz’s latest original full-length album, Plastic Moon, is available on iTunes. It’s been making all sorts of noise on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart and Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart.

Follow her on Facebook for updates, and visit her official site.


Last week on The Songwriter Series: Joshua Grierson.



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