The Songwriter Playlists: Cary Brothers

After his lovely interview with us on Monday Cary Brothers, who’s  given us some remarkable love songs over the last few years, was kind enough to make us a playlist of his own favourites.

Please tell us your pick of the Top 5 best love songs ever written (any artist, any era), and why you’ve picked them.


In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

“As oft-repeated as this song may be on lists of love songs, it deserves every mention.  As opposed to the rest of the songs on this list, this isn’t a song of melancholy.  It’s about the joy of love, musically bolstered by the bouncing percussion and Peter Gabriel giving everything he has vocally. 

Every time he sings “In… your… eyes,” the chorus becomes the musical equivalent of a crashing wave, like a great relief.  There’s such peace in the song that I once used a live version to bring a friend down from a bad acid trip.  Seriously.”


No One’s Gonna Love You by Band of Horses

“I love that an indie band, who could have just ridden waves of irony and coolness, decided to put this gem of earnest romanticism on the record. 

It’s Ben Bridell’s shout of “No one!!!” that seals the deal for me.  Hard not to kiss someone when the chorus hits.”


Wild Horses by The Sundays

“Whichever version you like best (these days I prefer The Sundays’ to The Rolling Stones’ by just a smidge), the idea of the title is just brilliant and so visually arresting, equating that level of natural power with love.

The high guitars in The Sundays’ version just press at my emotional buttons.  Fire this up and slow dance in the living room.”


I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt

“Maybe the best song about love ever.  It captures an exact moment in time when you are as vulnerable as can humanly be.

I remember being in high school, and a girl who was a close friend played this for me in the front seat of my car. She stared at me the whole time.  Of course, being an oblivious idiot, I just said “That’s a great song” and went back into the party. 

Eventually, I wised up and kissed her.  I like to think the other person in the song did, too.”


Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“Not a typical ballad-type love song, but a love song nonetheless.  Karen O knows a thing or two about being away from someone she loves, and she sings it emotionally through abstract lyrics. 

The whallop of a guitar punches you in the gut with whatever pleading Karen doesn’t get across.  I love it so much that I covered it on a new EP.”


Cary Brothers’ records are available on iTunes.

Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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