Bumper collection of American Horror Story Season 2 teasers

By Wash

American Horror Story is one of those shows that you just wish would go on forever. I loved it and when news broke earlier this year that the next season of AHS was in the works, I pee’d…but only just a little.

There will be some returning cast members, although they won’t be in roles that we know them for. And it’ll be set in the 1960s…in an Insane Asylum.

Let’s start the heebie jeebies with some promo art:

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And now, the trailers:


Now, let’s just hope that DStv can pull a “Game of Thrones” and secure this series for the same time it’s on US networks, which should be in October.


Wash is our resident uber-geek. He sleeps on a pile of comics, speaks fluent Klingon and spends his weekends unleashing all manner of Hell on the battlefields of his PC. If it’s related to gaming, comics, sci-fi or any other form of geekitude… chances are Wash has his sticky paws all over it.


One thought on “Bumper collection of American Horror Story Season 2 teasers

  1. It was so easy to get lost in the world of American Horror Story; I can’t wait to relieve that feeling again with Asylum. The teasers are incredible, a co-worker at Dish and I have been analyzing all the clues they reveal. But as with the first season, they are so ambiguous that it’s impossible to say till the premiere. I am counting the days till I get to watch this on my Hopper. Considering all the shows I watch, the 2,000 hours of recording space are a blessing. The second season is looking even scarier than the first; I can’t wait to discover the secrets of the Asylum.

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