Star Wars Detours

By Wash

There are some places that I never thought George Lucas would allow Star Wars to go. Sure, he approved those Ewok TV movie spin-offs, the animated Ewok series, and even that 80s cartoon called Droids about the further adventures of R2-D2 and C3PO – all of which kind of stuck to the canon and mythology…kind of.

But, apart from the Family Guy parodies of the original Star Wars trilogy, there hasn’t really been anything officially sanctioned by Lucas that makes fun of Star Wars.

Well, that was until his people met the twisted mind behind Robot Chicken – Seth Green.

Somehow, Lucas’s people agreed to let Green sink his teeth into Star Wars and produce a bunch of shorts and even a few long-form videos that completely ripped Star Wars apart, but in a funny way.


Now, Green seems to have upped his game by making “Robot Chicken Star Wars for kids” with Star Wars Detours, a CG animated series that will soon be released to US television.


Here are a few more clips from the show:


Yes, this looks awesome. Hope we see it soon.


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