The Songwriter Playlists: Laurie Levine

After chatting to us earlier in the week for The Songwriter Series, Johannesburg folk singer Laurie Levine reveals her own favourites.

You’re often identified as one of the biggest figures in the South African folk scene…

“Thank you!

Please tell us your pick of your Top 5 favourite female folk or country artists ever (any artist, any era), and why you’ve picked them.

“In no order…”


Gillian Welch

“Beautiful songs that never age. Production that is simple and pure, and harmonies with her partner that are blissful.”


Emmylou Harris

“Best voice. Hands down. Her voice has a rare depth of emotion that can move you in so many profound and different ways.”


Lucinda Williams

“Great, poetic songs. Unique style, and a voice that has influenced thousands of female singer-songwriters.”


Patty Griffin

“One of the finest songwriters around. Very powerful voice.”


Dolly Parton

“A voice like honey. Very few people realise what a prolific songwriter she is. Wrote one of the best songs ever- Jolene.


“Five is too few! There is also Joni Micthell and Joan Baez – both very influential and important figures in their generation.”


Follow Laurie on Twitter and Facebook, and visit her official website.

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