Slimdown Slamdown: I'm a bad dieter and I know it

By Deanna Campbell

I’m pretty good at procrastination, especially when it comes to exercise and dieting, which is why I’ve been known to start various fad diets and give up three days in (see The 17 Day Diet). After taking a nasty fall down the healthy-me bandwagon about three months ago, shortly after I returned home from a holiday (dear dear San Francisco, how I miss you), I’ve been finding it very difficult to get back up and start again. Cue me lying on my couch shovelling kit-kats down my face while lamenting about how unhealthy society is.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the very mention of the term ‘willpower’ and I break into hives and start chewing on my nails. I think I knew willpower once, in fact, I think we were pretty good friends – then the bitch left me hanging and now every dieting day is a struggle. I always knew what the solution would be, the only way someone like me could  succeed at this healthy living thing is to have someone checking up on me, the end goal of being able to fit into that little black dress simply didn’t suffice, I needed a drill sergeant, or at least, the risk of being embarrassed in front of a hoard of people.

Which brings me to my next point. A few week’s ago I stumbled across an ad for the Women’s Health Slimdown Slamdown. The premise was simple – follow the eating plan, do the exercise and if you showed the most lifestyle/health improvements in 12 weeks, you’d win R20 000. Now R20 000 notwithstanding, the very thought of doing something like this for the whole world to see was enough to get me to enter, nothing like physical proof of your progress for everyone to see to get you going. Two weeks later I discovered that I made it into the Top 9 and here I am now, 3 weeks in and trying my very best to follow the rules.

Here’s where I’m going to be very honest. I’m really bad at this. Which explains why the first two weeks were a disaster. Trying to go cold turkey from a diet of biscuits and chocolate to exercise and veggies is tough. So, I cheated. As most serial dieters know, there’s nothing greater than the taste of a chocolate after craving one all day, but, there’s nothing worse than the feeling of guilt that comes seeping along afterwards. It’s now 3 weeks in and I’ve only just started taking this seriously. From what I can see, all of the other amazing women in the Top 9 have been going strong, which means I’ve got a lot of work to do to catch up. Slowly, but surely, I’ll get there.

PS. Turns out, you don’t have to be in the Top 9 to get the programme, check out the eating and exercise plans here (Get more tips at the Women’s Health website). Look, let’s be honest, trying to fit this in every day is crazy-talk, why not try just a few days a week and see how that goes…

Deanna Campbell

Deanna spends her days buried in a jumble of words and her nights trying to balance family life and everything in between, all while doodling the name Grohl on her notepad and watching reruns of Supernatural. If it’s on TV, she’s seen it. If it’s the latest fad diet… she’s tried it. She’s got a lot to say. Be warned.


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