Mummy and me: so many questions

By Deanna Campbell

As my little guy inches closer to his second birthday, I’ve had a lot of time to think about the way my life has changed since becoming a mum. Gone is the almost incessant questioning of things like where my next big night will be and whether I’ll be able to buy that dress I saw last weekend. Instead, my inner voice has been asking me a slew of questions that I thought I’d share.

Is it weird that after having to watch Toy Story 3 all day every day for the last two months, I still get a little teary when Andy finally says goodbye at the end of the last installment.

Should I be concerned that my eyebrows sometimes look a little like they need a lawnmower after forgetting to tweeze for two weeks?

Would my mum be proud that currently, as I type this, back home looks like a combination of hurricane meets tornado with a nice big sink full of dirty dishes thrown in for good measure?

Would the car dealership still have sold me my car a year ago if they could see the month old, chewed and spat out smarties entrenched in the seat corners?

Would the diet fairies be upset if they knew about the Tinkies I sometimes steal from my little one’s snack jar when I feel like a treat?

Should I move to Hollywood, would they hire me for my unique skill of being able to recite the entire dialogue of Shrek in my sleep?

Are my dear dear grandpas, who spent their days teaching and learning and laughing, looking down on me right now with pride in their eyes, thinking – ‘darling, this, this is what you were meant to be all along?’

Deanna Campbell

Deanna spends her days buried in a jumble of words and her nights trying to balance family life and everything in between, all while doodling the name Grohl on her notepad and watching reruns of Supernatural. If it’s on TV, she’s seen it. If it’s the latest fad diet… she’s tried it. She’s got a lot to say.
Be warned.


2 thoughts on “Mummy and me: so many questions

  1. Aaaah my dear friend! Yes it is what you were meant to be. And a hurricane meets tornado with a nice big sink full of dirty dishes waiting for you at home, is what makes you a mommy and a wife! I write this whilst lying in bed after feeding a bottle to my smiley baby girl, while listening to daddy put my big boy to bed with a lounge looking like a hurricane meets tornado and a sink full of dirty dishes 🙂 The joys of parenthood! And the beautiful word that is “mommy” makes it all worth it.

    • So so true! Some days I’m completely overwhelmed and longing for those days when I could put my feet up and watch an entire season of a show in one sitting – and then I look at the little guy holding my hand and I wouldn’t have it any other way:)

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