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When I grow up I want to be…

By Deanna Campbell

The recent announcement that two of my favourite funnywomen, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, would be presenting next year’s Golden Globe awards got me thinking about some other strong, amazing women in Hollywood I’d love to be.

Now I’m all for the ‘love thyself’ way of thinking, and I do… most days…
But let’s be honest, most of us would probably jump at the chance of being someone else, even if it’s just for a day. Which brings me to my next point…

It is even possible to not like Sandra Bullock?

Way before the days of frolicking with Keanu on a raging bus and singing about ‘sweat dripping off balls’ in front of an 80 year-old, Sandra Bullock had me hooked as a dork-of-all-dorks in Love Potion. Then, when she was adorable Lucy Moderatz opposite just-as-adorable Bill Pullman in While you were Sleeping, I knew I was a fan.

Then of course, there’s that time she got to hang around naked with Ryan Reynolds…

Jessica Biel
So, let me get this straight.
I’ll look like this.

Have lips like this.

And be engaged to this.


Julie Andrews
Sue me, I’ve never even watched The Sound of Music. What I have watched is The Princess Diaries about 60 times, and Shrek about 100. Julie Andrews is amazing, elegant and a timeless beauty – also, she once flew around on an umbrella… enough said.

Deanna Campbell

Deanna spends her days buried in a jumble of words and her nights trying to balance family life and everything in between, all while doodling the name Grohl on her notepad and watching reruns of Supernatural. If it’s on TV, she’s seen it. If it’s the latest fad diet… she’s tried it. She’s got a lot to say. Be warned.


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