The Songwriter Playlists: Gregory Alan Isakov

After chatting to us last week for The Songwriter Series, Colorado-based, Johannesburg-born folk singer Gregory Alan Isakov added his pick to The Songwriter Playlists – his Top 5 Favourite Folk Songs of All Time.


1. Leonard Cohen – ‘One of Us Cannot Be Wrong’

“I just think its the most beautiful love song i have ever heard.”


2.   Iron and Wine – ‘The Trapeze Swinger’

“Sam Beam is a great writer. He paints a picture so well without defining it.”


3.   Bruce Springsteen – ‘Highway 29’

“I am amazed at how Springsteen can tell a story and start you in one place and leave you somewhere completely different. He is a master at it. The entire record (The Ghost of Tom Joad) is probably one of my all time favorites.”

Click for Gregory’s cover of this song.


4.   Greg Brown – ‘My New Book’

[Video not available]


5.   Leonard Cohen – ‘Suzanne’

“There are probably others by Cohen that may be considered ‘best’, but this song always makes me feel good. Like coming home.”


Keep an eye on the Gregory Alan Isakov Facebook page for tour and record updates. 

Read Gregory’s full interview with The Vandals.

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