First official look at Iron Man 3

By Wash

So there’s this growing trend in Hollywood to release teaser trailers of… well… trailers.

The biggest culprits are the folks over at Marvel because they know that comic book geeks (I plead guilty) will be as gaga for anything Marvel movie related as Apple fanboys are each time the iPhone gets an additional megapixel on its camera.

This was the teaser that was released a few days ago:

And yesterday, we got this:

Extremis?! The Mandarin?! The Patriot Armour?!

I’m off to change my pants.


Wash is our resident uber-geek. He sleeps on a pile of comics, speaks fluent Klingon and spends his weekends unleashing all manner of Hell on the battlefields of his PC. If it’s related to gaming, comics, sci-fi or any other form of geekitude… chances are Wash has his sticky paws all over it.


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