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Something to get your teeth into – Eat Your Heart Out 2012

By Frisco Rosso

If TV food channels have taught us nothing else, and in my case they haven’t, it’s that the sky is the limit when it comes to cake making and creative baking.

While my baking skills are more comparable with the traits of an arsonist than a confectioner, I sometimes find it interesting to follow the process of fulfilling the most difficult and unrealistic remits on shows such as Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes and the irritatingly named Choccywoccydoodah.

Yet, something is missing from these sanitary shows.  There is little for the culinary and conventional sadists out there who want gore over gorgeous and the ability to have their cake and eat it out.

Enter Eat Your Heart Out.

Thanks to the good people at the University of London’s Pathology Museum, Eat Your Heart Out 2012 had a suitably grizzly home this year as bakers and medical specialists came together for the anatomy and disease-inspired cake festival. Yum!

The festival, which showcases the talent and expertise of UK bakers, ran from 26th to 28th October. It began in 2010 and has been revolting the masses since, with new themes at different venues each year. This year the theme was pathology and anatomically-correct cakes.

This is certainly not one of those events to take your granny to (especially in case she’s mistaken for a specimen or part of the edible décor), as it is chiefly for those who like cakes that go bump in the night – not through a case of indigestion – and macaroons that bite back.

Lung Cancer Cookies and Edible Fag Butt box set

While the event of course would have attracted drooling, sadistic gloaters such as myself, the aim of the festival was also to generate interest and create awareness in terms of pathology and anatomy while reinforcing knowledge on health issues such as smoking, alcohol abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and other unfortunate conditions the human body sadly falls foul of.

Polycystic Kidney Disease cake

In keeping with the anatomically correct theme, bakers from across the UK certainly succeeded in delivering some macabre and life-like creations from lung cancer cookies to STD cupcakes, alcoholic jellies in petri dishes to skin cakes. As an accompaniment there was also a range of suitably stomach-turning cocktails inspired by crime scene specimens such as ‘stomach contents’ and ‘stool sample’ – just what the pathologist ordered.

STD awareness cupcakes

Curator and creator of the event, “Miss Cakehead” (also responsible for the 18+ Evil Cake Shop, so interpret the moniker as you will), has mentioned on her site that Eat Your Heart Out will return in 2013, although the theme is still to be conceived in the dark, twisted mixing bowl of her mind. I for one can hardly wait and will definitely make a point of gathering my minions before heading for next year’s round of icing and dicing.

Happy Halloween!



Frisco Rosso

With more tension than your mother’s suspension, I am Frisco Rosso. I’m likely to deliver a few lines worth at any given moment regarding film, music, sport, books and anything morally unsound that strikes a blow between the eyes in the name of entertainment.


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