Album review: The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack

By Deanna Campbell

I, along with the rest of the mortal world, am not a fan of the Twilight movies. Being the book whore that I am (see here) however, I have read all the books. Don’t ask.

Possibly my only redeeming Twilight fact is that I’ve also got copies of all the soundtracks, the only admirable thing related to the franchise.


The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack opens with a whiney floaty track from electropop darlings Passion Pit. You must remember to take my ‘whiney’ comment in context… the track should be deemed whiney only when played with the movies in mind. I have no idea if it actually makes an appearance in the final movie, having chosen to rather spend my time watching paint dry when said flick was released, but, in its defense, taken on its own, Where I Come From is a ‘driving with the top down through Chapman’s Peak’ kind of song. There are worse things –

– like Ellie Goulding’s Bittersweet. Listen, before you bite my head off (see what I did there…) for dissing the Goulding… I’ll admit, I generally find her material as appealing as the next person… except this. This is whiney…true story.

I’m sure I mentioned somewhere that the Twilight soundtracks are admirable. I’ll reiterate, this one isn’t that bad either. Saving graces include Green Day’s easy listen, The Forgotten, Iko’s beautiful Heart of Stone and my personal favourite, Christina Perri feat Steve Kazee, A Thousand Years. Buy this album for this song alone.


Honourable mention: A Boy and His Kite – Cover Your Tracks: why does this guy sound so hot? – oh, because he is. Fact.


Dishonourable mention: Paul Mcdonald and Nikki Reed – All I’ve Ever Needed: Just because you act in the movie, doesn’t mean you have to sing on its soundtrack. Same goes for marrying a musician. Fact.

Wait… no Muse? The horror… Cannot. even. comprehend.



Deanna Campbell

Deanna spends her days buried in a jumble of words and her nights trying to balance family life and everything in between, all while doodling the name Grohl on her notepad and watching reruns of Supernatural. If it’s on TV, she’s seen it. If it’s the latest fad diet… she’s tried it. She’s got a lot to say.
Be warned.


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