Prometheus inconsistent with Alien? Not really.

By Wash

**Warning – this post contains spoilers**

At the end of Prometheus, one of the surviving Engineers tries to carry on with his original mission and takes off in a space craft which is eventually brought down and crashes again.

In the final minutes of the movie, we see iconic scene that look like they are being set up for what we eventually see in Alien, but if you do a direct comparison, some people are picking up inconsistencies. (Even I picked them up in my initial review).

For starters, after crashing his ship, the Engineer leaves the famous pilot seat and tries to find and kill the remaining member of Prometheus’s human crew.  But the Engineer is attacked by an enormous predecessor of the Alien face hugger, and dies on the floor of the Prometheus wreckage as the first Xenomorph ancestor bursts out of his chest.

In Alien, however, the crew of the Nostromo find the Engineer sitting in the pilot seat of the crashed ship, with a gaping hole in his chest.

There are also no signs of the Prometheus wreckage in Alien, which – at the end of Prometheus – had been scattered all around the alien ship crash site.

The atmosphere of the alien planet is also vastly different – in Prometheus it’s a lot lighter and less hostile than in Alien.


The Explanation

The planets in Prometheus and in Alien are two different worlds.  In Prometheus, the Weyland crew land on LV-223, but in Alien, the crew of the Nostromo stumble on LV-426, a planet several light years away from where the events of Prometheus took place.

The ship in Alien was also carrying eggs, rather than the jars of biological goo we see in Prometheus, which indicates that the Engineers had evolved the original weapon that they were going to use to destroy humanity from a toxin (the goo) to a biological weapon (the Xenomorph – which they obviously found on LV-223 in the decades that passed between the events of Prometheus and Alien).

Prometheus answers the questions about the origin of the Xenomorph and gives us some indication about who the “Space Jockey” was, but it also gives us a great indication that Ridley Scott wants to give his Alien universe a much wider story than what we’ve seen before… that there is a lot more going on in the universe than humans being eaten by hive-minded aliens.

So now you know.  And, you’re welcome.




Wash is our resident uber-geek. He sleeps on a pile of comics, speaks fluent Klingon and spends his weekends unleashing all manner of Hell on the battlefields of his PC. If it’s related to gaming, comics, sci-fi or any other form of geekitude… chances are Wash has his sticky paws all over it.


2 thoughts on “Prometheus inconsistent with Alien? Not really.

  1. Thousands of years between Prometheus and Alien? Since when? Action of Prometheus took place only a few decades earlier than Alien…

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