Episode five: Amen

By Deanna Campbell

All hail Dev Patel. The talented actor finally gets his time to shine thanks to an episode revolving around the unrest in Egypt following the fall of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

With the country in turmoil, ACN’s Elliot, the anchor of Don’s show, is in the ravaged country reporting on the latest happenings. Later on we discover that he’s been savagely attacked after going out onto the streets for a closer look and is en route back home. The enigma that is Don then spends most of the ep wrestling with his demons, feeling like he’s the reason for Elliot’s injuries after pushing him to go out onto the violent streets.

Meanwhile, ACN decides that the only way to stand out is to get an Egyptian local to cover what’s really happening on the ground. And, just as we’ve known all along, Neal Sampat is the one with the answer. He puts MacKenzie and Will in touch with his contact in Egypt, a young man who goes by the name of Amen (Egyptian for ‘the hidden one’), who then agrees to reveal his identity to the world by going live on air on ACN. As predicted, he is captured and an exorbitant amount is requested for his safe release.

When network execs refuse to shell out the money, Will takes it upon himself to fork out the cash – a quiet transaction that isn’t so anonymous anymore when MacKenzie discovers Will’s good deed and sets about planning a tear-jerker of a moment in which the staff of ACN line up outside Will’s office to give him whatever they can in an attempt to assist.

About to pay off gossip columnist Nina Howard (she of the drink in the face from ep 4) in exchange for her silence, Will has a last-minute change of heart when she mentions that she’s a journalist. Bam! In your face Nina!

Maggie arranges Jim’s Valentines date with Lisa… well, this confusing. Wasn’t it just last week that she was pining for him?

Neal Sampat needs more screen time. That is all.


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