Episode four: I’ll try to fix you

By Deanna Campbell

It’s New Year’s Eve and emotions are running high at ACN’s office.

In an attempt to ‘civilize society’, Will tries to eloquently convince a gossip columnist that she is the scum of the earth, shortly after hitting on her. Big mistake. After throwing her drink in his face, the story, twisted to Will’s disadvantage, makes the next day’s Page Six.
Which would have been forgettable, had it not been for date number two, where Will calls his next date a bitch for loving reality tv. Cue the second drink in the face for the week and the subsequent second Page Six Will-bashing.
As you can imagine, Charlie is not happy.

We also discover that, despite her constant whining around Will, MacKenzie does actually have a human, albeit slightly dull boyfriend, Wade Campbell. Of course, what kind of TV would this be if Will and said-boyfriend don’t have an awkward run-in? They do, followed shortly by Will and MacKenzie playfully arguing… no surprise there.

Meanwhile, Don begins to suspect that Maggie has feelings for Jim and suggests setting up Jim and Maggie’s roommate, Lisa. Poor Maggie, oblivious to the fact that she can’t have her cake and eat it too, later makes a late-night phone call to Jim (at Don’s insistence) only to discover that he’s in bed with Lisa. Go Jim! Who knew you had it in you.

Despite the rather adorable chemistry between Maggie and Jim, I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Don in this one. No one deserves to be strung along the way he’s been. It’s clear that the powers that be feel the same as they attempt to provide us with every possible scenario to slowly prove that Don is in fact an admirable human being.



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