Episode three: The 112th Congress

By Deanna Campbell

I’ve just realised what The Newsroom makes me think of – all the people I know that will hate it because the character’s use long words and talk fast. “No one really talks like that” they say, before monologuing about documentaries they’ve seen, using every five syllable word they can think of. Ironic, isn’t it?

This episode of The Newsroom begins with an apology, more specifically, Will McAvoy apologising, on-air, to the American people for neglecting to responsibly report the news. He goes on to target the networks, advertising, the government and the like.


This scathing public attack doesn’t go unnoticed by the people at the top, which is why we spend the rest of the episode wishing we could give Charlie Skinner a(nother) drink as he defends his News Night team to network president Leona Lansing, aka Jane Fonda. It takes an entire episode for Fonda’s character to say anything but when she does, you better believe you’ll listen, mostly because she says ‘fuck’ a lot. Can’t really argue with a F-bomb wielding Jane Fonda.

In the end of it all we learn three key things

  1. Management plan to do everything in their power to take Will McAvoy down, should he not start reporting the news the way they expect it to be reported.
  2. Will agreed to a non-compete clause in his contract – if he gets fired, he won’t be available to other networks for three years ie. he is screwed
  3. Somebody needs to help Aaron Sorkin with his character names. MacKenzie MacHale, Sloane Sabbith, Leona Lansing… seriously?

In other news, Maggie and Don break up, and then get back together, and then break up, and then… you get the picture.

Will goes on lots of dates. MacKenzie isn’t impressed.

Maggie suffers from panic attacks. Jim rescues her by being adorable.


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